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  • Special BBQ Nagasaki Wagyu Beef & Seafood Set

    ★Meals are BBQ on the sundeck terrace overlooking the nature of Sonogi
    ★150g of specially selected Nagasaki Wagyu beef available per person
    ★Plenty of Nagasaki seafood available

    --... Special BBQ Nagasaki Wagyu Beef & Seafood Set:One case… ---
    ●Food will be delivered to your room by our staff.

    ◎ Special Seafood(Turban shell, scallop, tiger prawn, squid)
    ◎Nagasaki Wagyu Beef 150g
    ・chicken meat
    ・vegetable(Onion / Pumpkin / Green Pepper / Shiitake Mushroom etc.)
    ◎Camp Meal(white rice or hijiki rice)

    *Contents of ingredients may change depending on the purchase situation
    ★Feel free to bring food, drinks, snacks, etc.