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auto camp

  • There are 2 shower booths
  • There are two Western-style toilets.
  • ◆parcel space
      ・Parking space (asphalt) 2m×10m
      ・tent space(grass)    2m×10m 

                       【 Total 40㎡】

    ◆Usage fee 5,000 yen per night

    ◇Check-in from 13:00 to 20:00
    ◇Check Out    ~10:00
  • ◆◇◆  camping rules  ◆◇◆

    Vehicle entry:OK
    Stay with Pets:NG

    【No entry to other areas】
    Accommodation is available on site.Please do not enter villas, tsuwabuki flowers, etc. other than the guests of each facility.

    【Prohibition of making loud noises】
    The use of musical instruments is prohibited.Please be considerate of the volume of your music player, etc. so as not to disturb other guests.

    【About smoking】
    Smoking while walking (including electronic cigarettes) and littering of cigarette butts is strictly prohibited.

    【Garbage that cannot be collected.】
    Metals other than beverages and canned goods, ceramics, glass products, batteries, hazardous materials, and other garbage that the facility deems uncollectable must be taken home.

    【No open flames indoors or in tents】
    The use of flames such as gas lanterns, stoves, and charcoal inside the car or tent is prohibited as it may cause carbon monoxide poisoning or fire.

    【Prohibition of open fire】
    Bonfires and campfires are prohibited.

    【Prohibition of felling trees】
    The felling of trees inside and outside the facility is prohibited.

    【Please be quiet after 22:00! 】
    In order for all our guests to have a relaxing time, we ask that you stay in your room after 22:00.We will warn you as soon as we discover loud conversations and music on the outside deck or inside the tent.Please understand that we may ask you to leave if you do not follow the rules.

    【Separate garbage for disposal】
    Please separate your garbage into combustibles, bottles, cans, and PET bottles.

    【No stay after check-out】After check-out, we will start cleaning, so please leave as soon as possible.Please be careful not to forget anything.

    【☆Disclaimer☆】We are not responsible for theft, accidents, injuries, etc. in the facility, so please be careful of your actions in the facility.Please use at your own risk, especially when accompanying children or using fire.