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  2. How to spend time at our facility

How to spend time at our facility

  • 【Check In】 Please complete the procedures at the management office from 15:00. 

    ●Please register the following items at check-in.
    ・Guest's name,age,sex,address and occupation,Contact information
    ●Drinks and other items can be purchased from vending machines.
    Also, you are free to bring your own food and drinks.

    ●This facility will ask you to pay at the time of check-in.
    In addition to cash, credit cards are also accepted.
  • 【enter the room】

    After completing the check-in procedures, go straight to your room!
  • 【Let's go out on the deck terrace】

    The villa is built in nature.You can enjoy nature on the deck terrace.It is a space where you can observe wild birds, appreciate the starry sky, and come into contact with nature at any time.
  • 【play in nature】

    Play in nature while breathing in the air of Satoyama.
  • 【relax on the terrace】

    After playing, take a nap on the terrace, enjoy the nature with a glass of juice in your hand, and relax.
  • 【Healed by the wood stove]  *Winter only

    Try using a wood stove that you can't experience in everyday life.very warm
    You can have an experience like staying in a mountain hut.
    You will be fascinated by the flames that can be seen through the glass windows and will want to stare at them forever.

    *One set of firewood is sold for ¥1,600 (tax included)

    *Customers with small children may be asked not to use the facility.
     Please understand.
  • Setting up bedding (tents), etc.

    For customers who spend their time in tents on the lawn

    ・If you would like to rent a tent, please contact the management office.
    ・Please pay the usage fee on the spot.We will deliver it at the warehouse.

    ・You are responsible for setting up the facilities yourself.
    (Please enjoy camping while looking at the manual)

    ・Please return the used tent to the management office before checkout.
  • 【spend and play in a tent】

    Once you've pitched your tent, let's go inside and spend some time!

    It's a small space, but I think you can feel a completely different world.
    Feel the nature more and feel the earth closer.

    It is possible to sleep in a tent in the season when it does not get cold rapidly at night.
  • 【BBQ for dinner】

    Guests can grill and enjoy their own food on the BBQ grill on the deck terrace.

    In the cold season or on days when the weather is not good, you can grill it on the deck terrace and then enjoy it indoors.
    It's OK to have it.

    (Please note that we will not collect or clean up after check-out.)
  • 【campfire】

    From around 18:00 to 19:30 in the center of the villa area (middle space)
    I am making a fire.After the meal is finished, enjoy a voice at the management office.
    If you put it on, we will present you a marshmallow to burn.
  • 【After 22:00 - go to bed】

    ・In order for all our guests to have a relaxing time, we ask that you stay in your room after 22:00.
    ・Please refrain from talking in a loud voice or playing music on the outside deck or inside the tent.
    ・If you do not follow the rules, we may ask you to leave.
  • 【About breakfast】

    Ingredients for breakfast are available in the refrigerator.
    Enjoy cooking by yourself.
    Tableware, cups, and cutlery are stored on the shelf next to the kitchen.
  • 【Check Out ~10:00】

    Check out is at 10am.
    There is no need to lock the door when leaving the room.
    Please come to the management office with your room key.

    Please be careful not to forget anything.
    If there is food left in your carry-on, it will be subject to disposal.
    Please take what you need with you.